What color is your hyperactivity?

Here is one more reason to cut back on processed foods in your diet.

Video: FDA investigates food dye-ADHA link

Studies have shown a possible link between certain food dyes and hyperactivity. It is not yet clear whether the dyes cause hyperactivity in all children or just increase sensitivity in those with ADHD. The dyes, including Red No.40, Yellow No.5 and Yellow No.6 are found in a wide variety of processed foods like soda, candy, cereal, baked goods, and more. Read this article to find out more about what the effects may be as well as more on where these dyes are found.

Since British studies in 2007 on the link between hyperactivity and food dyes, European lawmakers have required warning labels on products containing  these artificial dyes. Some manufacturers are instead turning to natural food dyes made out of beets and turmeric. It seems funny that now 4 years later we are just looking into this possible link. Shouldnt there be a joint effort between FDAs looking out for the health and protection of all people? If something is harmful to our health, isnt harmful to us regardless of where you live.


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