Update: FDA Votes No Warning Needed

The FDA advisory panel voted 8-6 that food packages do not need warnings on the link between food dyes and Attantion Deficit Disorder in children. Packages do however, have to list the food colorings in the ingedients. This Associated Press article states that “the FDA affirmed that there is not enough evidence to show that certain food dyes cause hyperactivity in the general population of children. They also agreed that diets eliminating food dyes appear to work for some children with behavior problems.

Read this 2001 petition for the ban of Yellow #5. In addition to linking it to ADHD, they also link it to asthma, learning problems, and hives. The petition highlighted a report prepared by the Congressional Research service explained that The Food Additives Amendment of 1958 stated that “reasnable certainty of no harm would be the standard” and that the “additive may be consumed by all citizens of all ages and all health conditions for a lifetime”. Certainly going against the new vote considering that they have agreed that some children are negatively affected by these food dyes in their diet.

For even more information, read “Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks”


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