Soda Tax

Taxing soda and other beverages with added caloric sweeteners 

 Good idea or Bad idea?

A recently proposed bill in California would tax any beverage with added caloric sweeteners, such as soda, sports drinks, and sweet teas.  According to this Mercury News article, the bill proposes a tax of 1 cent per fluid ounce and is thought to raise an estimated $1.7 billion annually in California. The money this tax could generate would go into the states Children’s Health Promotion Fund that supports childhood obesity prevention.

Check out this  poster from Term Life Insurance that breaks down the possible impact drinking soda can have on your health. Some of which include asthma, kidney issues, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and the dissolving of tooth enamel. Think twice before you sip.


One thought on “Soda Tax

  1. Like a cigarette tax? It’s thought provoking but I am not yet ready to vote. God, I hope no one proposes taxing chocolate!

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