Beyonce teams up with Let’s Move!

Beyoncé’s new video “Move Your Body” was recently released to partner with the Let’s Move! campaign to help fight childhood obesity. If the high energy video doesn’t make you want to get up and move, the lyrics will.

Some Move Your Body lyrics:

Mission 1,
Let me see you run,
Put your knees up in the sky,
‘Cause we just begun, hey!

Mission 2,
This is how we do,
Jump a couple to the right,
To the left, let’s move!
Hey! Hey!

Mission 3,
Can you dougie with me?
Throw your own lil swag on this swizzy beat,
Hey! Hey!

Mission 4,
If you’re ready for more,
Jump up, jump up,
Lift your feet off the floor,
Hey! Hey!

Mission 5,
– let’s go
Time to move your little hips,
Vamonos, Vamonos,
Hey! Hey!

Mission 6,
– your back real quick,
Do the running man and then you turn around like this,
Hey! Hey!

Mission 7,
Time to break it down,
Step and touch to the danceful sounds,
Hey! Hey!

Mission 8,
Snap your fingers, snap your feet,
Just keep up with the track,
Hey! Hey!

Celebrities stand behind every other cause in every other country, you don’t see very many spreading awareness for preventing childhood obesity. What a better way than create a song that will inspire people to get up and “Move Your Body”.

Thumbs up to Michelle Obama and Beyoncé.


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