No more Trix Rabbit or Ronald McDonald?

Government regulation may begin limiting the number of commercials aimed at children. The government is planning to  propose voluntary guidelines. If many companies sign on to the guidelines, children would see much less of the colorful cartoon characters used to advertise cereals or other gimmicks designed to draw their attention. If the companies wanted to continue that advertising, they would have to reduce the unhealthy ingredients in the products. Food manufacturers would be urged to market the food for 2-17 year olds only if it meets guidelines for being low in fat, sugar, and sodium, and contain other healthy ingredients.

A collaborative effort between the Federal Trade Commission, Agriculture Department, Food and Drug Administration and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will develop the recommendations. They released a statement recently stating that their goal is “to encourage a marketing environment that supports, rather than undermines, parents’ efforts to get their children to eat more healthfully”.

For more information on the guidelines the food must meet and to read the news article from The Seatle Times, click here.


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