Healthy Big Ones- Lowering Your Cholesterol

Here are a few Cholesterol lowering tips:

  • Decrease intake of saturated (animal) fats
  • Increase fruit & veggie intake to 5-9 servings/day
  • Increase omega-3 fatty acids by eating things like fish and walnuts
  • Use good fats like olive, canola, and safflower oil for cooking & eating
  • Eat whole grains- beans, whole wheat breads, and brown rice (avoid white foods except unbuttered popcorn))
  • exercise (any kind you’d like) for 30 minutes/day at least 5 days/week
  • avoid/limit processed foods. They typically contain high levels of saturate fats
  • limit full fat dairy, red meat, eggs, and cheese

For more information on cholesterol check out the American Heart Association’s Cholesterol Website


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