Healthy diets start in infancy

Studies show that babies who regularly ate home-cooked fruits and vegetables when weened at 6 months were more likely to consume more fruits and vegetables  at age 7; compared with those fed prepackaged store-bought baby food.

Many factors influence the outcome of this study, including that parents making their own baby food may be regularly consuming more fruits and vegetables as a family than those serving store-bought food, and that some of the food’s taste may be compromised in the processing/ canning/ jarring process.

Home-made baby foods will introduce your child to wider variations in the taste and texture of fruit and vegetables  increasing the likelihood they will be less picky and accept a wider range of foods throughout their childhood and adolescents.

The study findings supported the concept that exposure to fruit and vegetables is important in the early weaning period. 


Other benefits of making your own baby food:

  • you control the ingredients-  no artificial additive/preservatives

  • easy to make- steam, mash/blend, freeze

  • you can create your own combinations

  • serve your baby what the rest of the family is eating

  • inexpensive- buying frozen fruit & vegetables is a lot cheaper than pre-made jars

  • you control the texture and consistency of foods

Read more of the article here

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