Toddler-Approved Healthy Lunches

I have recently gotten a few requests about covering some healthy lunch ideas for kids. I decided to start by posting some of the things I make Cole  for lunch. He just turned two so I do have some limitation in what he can eat so I will also post other ideas and tips here and there. I started this week posting pictures of his lunches on the Healthy Little Ones Facebook page. Here are a few:


Above left: left-over turkey & spinach quesadilla on whole wheat tortilla with cut up grapes & tomatoes

Above right: whole wheat pasta with back beans, tomatoes, corn & avocado, a clementine with raspberries, and a cheese stick


Above left: Pb & banana sandwich on ww bread, potato-zucchini-carrot pancakes, a clementine with raspberries, and a cheese stick

Above right: butternut squash risotto and turkey rolls

I will also be posting the recipes onto the recipes page. From this week, the butternut squash risotto and the potato-zucchini-carrot pancake recipes are already posted. Cole thankfully is not a very picky eater, but my overall goal in making his lunches is to give him plenty of fruits and vegetables, and usually some type of protein, whole grain and dairy. He drinks reduced fat milk with most meals too. My other goals are to give him a variety of foods and to try to balance his whole day’s consumption (I do this for myself too); some meals are more grain-based, like pancakes or pasta but I usually try to balance it with the other meals he is eating by adding more fruits and vegetables to his next meal or snack. Also, I am a usually very busy being a mom to a toddler, going to school full-time, and working so I do what I can with the time and resources that I have.  Sometimes I cook multiple things in one day that can last me through most of the week. I hope some of these ideas and tips will be helpful to you and your family. Try to check the HLO blog and Facebook pages regularly for new ideas and recipes.

*note: Cole goes to daycare 2 days/week so I generally pack him a pretty big lunch that way he will have plenty to eat if he gets hungry later and wants a snack. That is why some days his lunch is noticeably larger, he isn’t eating it all at once.


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