Lunch ideas

For those of you who don’t follow Healthy little Ones on Facebook, this is a little bit of what you’ve missed lately. As mentioned before, I started posting some of my 2-year-old son, Cole’s lunches to help inspire and share ideas with other parents for healthy lunches.

Lunch idea #1: Pb&J pizza

Directions: Spread natural peanut butter on a whole wheat mini pita, leaving a little room around the edge for a “crust”. Top with jelly and fruit. You can use any fruit you have, even try dried fruit or nuts.


Lunch idea #2: This is one of Cole’s packed lunches for daycare.

Whole wheat elbow macaroni with broccoli and diced tomatoes in a cheddar cheese sauce, honey wheat pretzel twists, half a banana, and grapes & blueberries


Lunch idea #3: Rice & veggie bowl.

 Long grain and wild rice, broccoli, diced carrots, corn, peas, and shredded chicken. 


Lunch idea #4: A  packed daycare lunch

Wild rice with black beans, diced tomatoes, corn, and avocado, a cheese stick, strawberries & blueberries, and some pretzels.

Lunch idea #5:  A packed daycare lunch

Turkey, spinach, hummus, and avocado wrap, mixed fruit, a cheese stick, pirates booty, and trail mix (Cheerios, craisins, raisins, and peanuts


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