Update: No More Trix Rabbit or Ronald McDonald

This is an update to the original post  “No More Trix Rabbit or Ronald McDonald

The Food Industry, backed by Republicans in Congress, have lobbied aggressively against the voluntary guidelines. This has caused a significant delay. They say the proposed voluntary guidelines are too broad and would limit marketing of almost all of the nation’s favorite foods, including yogurts and many children’s cereals. Though the guidelines would be voluntary, food companies say they fear the government will retaliate against them if they don’t go along. Some of the changes suggested are narrowing children targeted to 2- to 11-year-olds instead of up to age 17 and allowing marketing of the unhealthier foods at fundraisers and sporting events and recommending that companies not change packaging or remove brand characters from food products that don’t qualify, as was originally suggested.

For the complete article from the Boston Globe, click here

hmmmm sometimes it makes me so sad to realize that money trumps the health of this country almost every time we begin to see progress.




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