Super Bowl Snack Survival Guide

Super Bowl Sunday is ranked as the 2nd highest food consumption day of the year and the 8th highest beer consumption day. During the game, the average person will consume about 1200 calories and 50 grams of fat in snacks, not including your pre and post game eats.

Some more fun Super Bowl Food Facts:

  • Amount of chips eaten on Super bowl Sunday-  14,500 tons

  • Increase in antacid sales Monday after the Super Bowl-  20%

  • Amount of avocados consumed- mostly in guacamole-  8 million pounds

  • Game day popcorn consumption-  4,000 tons; enough to string together and wrap around the Earth almost 5 1/2 times

  • Chicken wings consumed on Super Bowl Sunday-  1.25 billion wings or 90 million pounds

  • Beer consumption- 51.7 million cases

This year, choose healthier options that won’t weigh you down:

Vegetable crudite with hummus, white bean dip, or low-fat dressing

Fresh salsa via simply recipes Air-popped popcorn- low fat variety or plain sprinkled with cinnamon or your favorite spice

Baked zucchini or sweet potato fries

Healthier Sowthwestern layered dip via Marin Mommies

Baked mozzerella sticks with marinara sauce via Super Healthy Kids

Shrimp cocktail

Tomato bruschetta

Check out more ideas over at Be Different Act Normal or fitsugar

Super Bowl Survival Guide Tips:

  • Eat a healthy filling meal pre-game

  • Stock your house with some of these healthier options and pass on the potato chips and fried food

  • Substitute fat free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and mayonnaise in your favorite dips

  • Alternate water and light beer to reduce calories and your Monday hangover

  • Store food away from the TV to reduce mindless eating

  • Substitute chicken tenders for wings. Baked or sauteed not fried.

Have fun & Go Pats!


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