A Naturally Sweet Valentine’s Day

This year on Valentine’s Day make your loved ones some fun homemade treats. It would be fun to devote the whole day to everything heart-shaped. I’ve been seeing so many great ideas lately, I wanted to compile a gallery to inspire you for your healthy little ones.


(Little Wonder’s Days)

Make fruit salad on a heart shapes plate. You could even try to cut the fruit into little hearts.

(Anna Thered)

Heart-shaped eggs. This can work for hard-boiled or fried eggs.

(Martha Stewart)

Heart-shaped pancakes with heart-shaped strawberries ❤


(Katherine Maries)

Use your recycled chocolate boxes for food trays. Kids will LOVE this.

(Lisa Storms)

Heart-shaped sandwich, heart-shaped strawberries, and  conversation hearts.


Calzone hearts.

Snacks & Valentines

Simple & cute cut out heart apple.


Heart fruit kabobs.

(Then She Made...)

Fruity Valentine Pop.

(Bless This Mess)

Orange you glad it’s Valentine’s Day.

(Bless This Mess)

Have a berry great Valentine’s Day 


(Bless This Mess)

Let’s stick together Valentine.

Here are just a few of the wonderful ideas that I came across recently in my quest for healthier Valentines. I did not make all these myself but I did post links to all of the original sites for credit and more info under each photo. I believe in  practicing moderation within your life, where you can splurge a little on special days without feeling guilty, but I also think that with a little extra effort kids may not even mind that they are eating heart-shaped fruit pops and sandwiches instead of cupcakes and cookies. I think a little effort goes a long way, especially when it comes to food prep for the little ones.


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