Happy St. Patty’s Day

Hello All, sorry I have been seemingly neglecting the blog lately. I am continuously knee-deep in school work, motherhood, work, etc., but he countdown is on… I have exactly 66 days until graduation. Yippee!!

Anyways, today’s post is all about celebrating our Irish heritage, or lack there of, with all things GREEN. I have come to love theme foods. Here are a few super-cute and pretty healthy ideas for the upcoming holiday.

Rainbow Veggies with a Pot O’ Gold (Spinach Artichoke Hummus)

via quirky momma

Shamrock Chips

via Zakka Life

Green Muffin Tin Lunch

via Muffin Tin Mom

Shamrock Green Peppers

via Martha Stewart

More Green Product Ideas

via Southern Plate

And of course you can go with the age-old green food coloring-

green milk, green pancakes, green everything… and of course for all us parents, green BEER! 


(( I credited all the ideas/ photos underneath, but the links are not working. I will keep trying to fix this issue until you can link right to the pages for original recipe))


One thought on “Happy St. Patty’s Day

  1. The rainbow peppers are adorable and so fun!!!!!! I’m considering making a chocolate stout cake with Bailey’s Irish cream cheese frosting. You know your mama!

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