Choking Hazard

So, those of you that Like Healthy Little Ones on Facebook get to see pictures of Cole’s packed daycare lunches and probably already know that grapes and grape tomatoes are lunch box regulars for him. I almost always cut both of these items up for him thinking I was reducing the choking hazard of them. I recently realized that I was usually cutting them in half, which made them smaller but doesn’t change the small round shape that poses a choking hazard. A better way to cut these foods is horizontally, creating a half circle. For even more precaution or for really little ones, cut them into quarters. I became aware of this while reading one of Cole’s recent daycare newsletter discussing the potential choking hazards of hotdogs as cookout season it upon us. Here is a list of many of the other choking hazard foods for little ones under 4 or 5.

  • hotdogs
  • nuts
  • grapes
  • grape/ cherry tomatoes
  • popcorn
  • raw carrots
  • hard candies
  • gum balls
  • meat
  • cherries

It’s best to either avoid these foods or to significantly alter their shape &/or texture to reduce any potential choking risks.


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