Think beyond the sandwich

Yesterday while out running errands I passed a Burger King, to which I generally pay little to no attention to but their sign caught my eye while sitting at a red light and it surprised me and got me thinking. Here is a quick picture I snapped of their advertisement:

This is obviously not the best picture, but the sign is advertising a $1.04 chicken sandwich. Here is the same advertisement I found online.

So, how can Burger King possibly be selling a chicken sandwich (breaded chicken, lettuce, mayo, bun) for $1.04? Think about how much energy and labor went into producing this sandwich All the way back to the farms that grew the crops or raised the chickens, the farmers and the machinery needed, the fertilizers, feed, time, gas, the harvesting, butchering, distance traveled, delivery, preparation, packaging, more traveling, delivery, preparation, packaging and the sale of this item (I’m sure I even missed a few steps). There is no way that they can be selling a sandwich that was conventionally produced and used fair trade practices for paying the farmers, etc. needed to grow and produce these products that would eventually make this sandwich. I don’t even want to know where they cut corners to produce “food” this cheap but I do know that it is impossible to produce and sell REAL food this cheap.

My goal in posting this is not solely to slam the fast “food” industry but it is that every now and then, before purchasing or consuming food, to THINK about where that food came from and all the hands and production needed to produce it. It may change the way you look at your food and what you are putting into your body.

I did this as a class exercise once and admit that most of the time while in the grocery store with a toddler, the last thing I do is stand in front of food and analyze every aspect of its production. I do however want to nourish my family with healthy foods and know that without farms and farmers there would be no food and since I don’t want to get up at 4am and milk the cows, I respect those who do and think they should be compensated fairly. I also want to be consuming food that is close to its natural state and thus highest in nutritional content.


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