You’re Sweet Enough Valentine

As if you haven’t already been bombarded with Valentine’s Day candy temptations and jewelry ads for the past several weeks (It seems like they start earlier and earlier every year), the big (not-so-big) day is 2 weeks away. I have mixed feelings about this pseudo-Holiday. It’s not my favorite Holiday and yes, I do believe that you should demonstrate your love and appreciation to your loved ones on a regular basis not just one day a year, but I can’t help but get sucked into the cute crafty heart-shaped theme side of things. Last year I posted Naturally Sweet Valentine’s Day ideas and thought I’d add to the list of ideas this year.

Healthy Food Kids Valentines:

naturally sweet stickers

(Fruit Stickers)

Vday peanuts

(I’m NUTS about you)

maine squeeze vday

(Main Squeeze)

Non-Candy Kid’s Valentines:

goldfish vday(Fishy School)

bear hugs vday

(Bear Hugs)

Non-Food Kid’s Valentines:

maze vday(You are aMAZEing)

glow vday

(My heart GLOW)

color my world

(You COLOR my world)

color my world 2

(You COLOR my world #2)

play-doh vday

(Play-doh Valentine)

bracelet vday

 (Friendship bracelet Valentine)

have a ball vday(Have a BALL Valentine)

There are SO MANY cute & creative Valentine ideas that this post could be a mile long, but I’ll spare you and just add that there are a ton of more ideas here, here, and here. I also wanted to add that although I like the idea of doing healthy and non-candy Valentines if you are going to hand them out to friends or the whole classroom since there will already, inevitably, be so much of that going around. I’m lucky in that Cole is still in a daycare/preschool which is small and only some of the kids/parents do it so even if there are a few with candy, it’s not a ton. Also, I don’t offer candy regularly so Holidays like these are one of those special times when I do think its ok to indulge a bit as part of the “special celebration”. It’s also a good time to explain this to your little ones… Why it is ok to have special treats on Holidays and at parties but it’s not something that is good for us to eat all the time. Plus, it wouldn’t be so special if we were allowed to have them everyday!

Note: Click on the links under the photos, many of them include free printables to make your job a lot easier.


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